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Mercedes Benz SLK

To be a luxury car rental in Malaysia, you need elegant driving, then you'll think of the roadster R172 SLK. It comes with three model variants, all featuring the BlueEFFICIENCY suffix.



Both offered 184 hp and 204 hp respectively. Although we only offer the SLK250 in our luxury car rental at PJ. The SLK200 had a 0-100 kph sprint time of 7.0 sec, while the SLK250 clocked 6.6 secs. The SLK250 come with a standard fitment of the seven-speed 7-Gtronic Plus gearbox, while it was an option on the SLK200.

This particular luxury car is powered by a V6 block with third-generation direct injection, piezo injectors and multi-spark ignition, generating 306 hp and managing a 0-100 kph sprint time of 5.6 secs. Despite the high level of performance, the trio boasted up to 25% more fuel efficiency than their predecessors.

Shape-wise, upright radiator grille, with its contoured fin, is certainly eye-catching, and together with the clearly defined headlamps bring about a look that not only follows on the link with the SLS AMG and new CLS but is also a homage to the hallowed 190 SL of the past.

The base version of the car comes with brushed aluminium trim bits in the interior, while the higher-end versions feature high-gloss dark brown walnut or high-gloss black ash wood accents. The car is also equipped with a multifunction sports steering wheel, which has a flattened bottom section and a thick leather crown, and the option for sun-reflecting leather.

One unique feature of this particular luxury car's interior is Airguide, a newly designed draught-stop system. It consists of pivoting transparent plastic layers attached to the reverse of the roll-over bars. The driver or passenger can easily swing them to the centre of the vehicle to control turbulent air flow. This system provides enhanced comfort during drives, allowing for an enjoyable experience regardless of the weather or driving conditions.

Come and try our convertible SLK at Kayman car rental KL. We promise you would not regret it.


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